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Looking to build internal CoE’s in complex technologies but unable to attract and retain talent globally?

37% or organisations lack advanced digital skills
6.5MIL people will be underskilled for their jobs in 2030
58% of workers who lack digital skills say it negatively affected them in the workplace

Be empowered to establish internal technical capability
and reduce your reliance on  contractors and 3rd
party providers. 


TSI provide an end-to-end service taking complete ownership of talent attraction, hiring, assessing, training and on-going continuous professional development, including the option of transferring our consultants to YOUR permanent employment.  
Targeted talent attraction campaigns delivered in your location of choice.
A rigorous and objective technical assessment & selection process focused on aptitude and attitude.
Immersive, full-time accredited technical training (e.g., Splunk, ServiceNow, Elastic) 
On-going continiuous professional development aligned to your technology roadmap 


Can we be involved in the selection process?

The Software Institute provide customers complete visibility of every stage of the assessment and selection process. You will be able to view candidate CVs, assessment test results and video recorded one-to-one interviews conducted by our training team, enabling you to make an informed choice on the individuals you’d like to bring into your organisation. 

What is your DE&I strategy?

Through our partnerships, internal initiatives, and employing people from day 1 of training, The Software Institute accesses talent from a variety of different backgrounds and socioeconomic circumstances, including career changers, ex-military service personnel & young people with a passion for technology but don’t have ‘the right degree’. 

What technologies are covered in The Software Institute’s training?

Where to start!


Observability, Data, Automation and Low Code, Software Development, Automation Testing, Project Management are a small number of the disciplines we cover. With 20+ years of industry experience we understand that organisations utilise technologies in very different ways. We build completely tailored training pathways to include not only the core platforms you use, but also the technologies and tools which interact with those platforms. We also provide access to training material for your existing employees to consume, bringing a parity of knowledge across your technical workforce. 

What is the typical training duration for a The Software Institute bootcamp?

This is dependant of the complexity of the technologies and tools you would like us to cover but on average the training is 8 – 11 weeks. You, the customer, will be involved in shaping and tailoring the content of the programme with our training team and receive weekly report on each consultant’s progress.  

The Software Institute provide Continuous Professional Development. What does that mean?

Throughout our consultant’s deployment in your organisation, The Software Institute will continue to provide ongoing upskilling by delivery tailored training and mentoring to ensure consultants continue their technical development as the needs of your business and customersa continues to evolve. Learning technology is a lifetime endeavour and not a binary event achieved after 8 – 12 of training.